Ramesh Aravind Reveals The Brainchild Behind ‘Monday Motivation’ & His Upcoming Films

The host of Weekend With Ramesh also gave a lovely message to all fans in this EXCLUSIVE interview. Click here to get some never-read-before facts!

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August 1, 2019

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Weekend With Ramesh Season 4 as you know is the only blockbuster chat show of Karnataka and sadly the fourth season ended two weeks ago. The show gave us a chance to see the brilliant host and veteran actor Ramesh Aravind who took us through over 90 life stories of real-life achievers and celebrities across all seasons. In the fourth season, however, there was an effort made to ensure that real-life achievers like Padma Vibhushan Narayana MurthyEx-ACP Ashok Kumar, Ex-Dg & IGP Shankar Biradar were slightly more in number. Having said that, film-industry veterans like Sumalatha Ambareesh, Prakash Belawadi and Roaring Star Sriimurali weren’t far behind. So here’s hoping next year, the show is renewed for another season.

Till then as promised, we are delighted to bring you the final part of the EXCLUSIVE interview we had with Mr Ramesh Aravind. So here are the final set of cumulative questions with the best answers of the Weekend With Ramesh host through these interesting excerpts…

Q. We love your Monday Motivation With Ramesh… whose brainchild is it?
A. See it was just a thought. Anyways we had decided to do Weekend With Ramesh, so we thought let’s take this to a national level by taking inspiration from the real-life achievers and industry guests. We also had a set ready too, so that idea popped up out of the blue. So I told Raghavendra sir about it that anyways we have a set and I am also there, and even though many people don’t know Kannada, for us it was important that they understood the concept and got inspired by the story. And there is so much to learn from these real-life achievers be it Sachin Tendulkar or anyone else, their journey, the story, that was what was most important. So while thinking of such ideas with ZEE5, this idea popped up too. So they approached me and said that just like how on the show, I was told that people are loving it. There were a lot of people who were motivated by the life stories that were said on the show, and they too got inspired to do something in life. So to continue the spirit of the show and keep inspiring people, we came up with Monday Motivation With Ramesh.

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Q. You are directing 3 big movies including Butterfly and Paris Paris, the Kannada version of Kangana Ranaut’s iconic film Queen. How challenging was it?
A. Whether it is acting, directing or even story writing, I have a special love for each and everything I do. So in whichever field I have and interest, I am doing it. Now that Weekend is over, I will start directing again. So, in this film 100, I am acting as well as directing it. Along with me is Rachita Ram and the shooting for the film has started for around 15 days now. By August end, we should be done. Before this I had directed Paris Paris in Tamil and in Kannada it was the film Butterfly. In Tamil Kajal Aggarwal has acted in it while in the Kannada version, Parul Yadav has acted in the film. The film will also be releasing in four languages but they are busy looking for the right theatres to broadcast it at the moment. So as a director, the next release lined up is Butterfly, as an actor, it will be a film named Shivaji Suratkal, which a detective story. Apart from this acting-wise, I have another release Bhaira Devi opposite Radhika (Kumaraswamy).

Q. You are an actor, director, anchor, motivational speaker… which avatar do you enjoy the most?
A. Like I said earlier, I love whatever it is I do and that is my advice to everyone, don’t do what you don’t like. Because when you like whatever you do, no matter how much you do it, you will never feel tired. So whatever I do I love everything so I don’t feel tired at all. However, when you do something you don’t like you feel tired physically, mentally. To sum it up, I love everything at the moment because when I am doing one particular thing, for example, direction, I focus only on that so it is easier for me to do. Similarly, while doing Weekend With Ramesh my concentration is only on that. And I keep telling everyone, it is important to spend your time effectively. So that is very important.

Q. Through this interview, would you like to give a message to your fans?
A. Of course. I strongly believe in this and someone had told me long back. He said, ‘You are all made of stardust‘. Be it the calcium in your bones or any other part of the body, you aren’t ordinary. Your stars have aligned in a way that only success lies ahead. Similarly, you all should believe in the same. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Also, don’t say that ‘I can’t’ or ‘it is difficult’ because you have a massive inner-strength that you yourself don’t know about. So, build your dreams and confidence together. Develop your skills that are necessary to make your dreams come true. And most importantly self-improvement has to be a way of life. Every day there has to be some progressive change from your end. So concentrate on that. I think that is what life is all about.

Q. What about the show excited you the most?
The show has given me two to three reasons to be excited. One, we set out only to ensure that common people can relate to the life-stories of the esteemed guests. Because these guests at one point of time were common people too before earning a name for themselves. Also, it was important to show the individualities of these guests, who achieved success through their unique methods. And I have just narrated all of these incidents from their life in the form of a story that’s all. You can make out very clearly from these stories and a lot of youngsters have even come and told me personally that they have learnt so much about their (guests’) lives. And that’s exactly the approach I had in mind.

Second, I had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many celebrities and real-life achievers. In the process, I ended up learning a lot through them too. So I would like to give a big thanks first to ZEE, the creative team, Anil’s method of direction and the ZEE5 research team. A big thanks to all of them and thanks to all fans, who kept showing their constant love and support. That is what made me immensely happy. Their mentality of thinking that the show is everybody’s is what Weekend With Ramesh is all about.

Q. How do you feel after four seasons of Weekend With Ramesh?
A. I am actually very happy and content. In the last scene I had said that when someone asks me if am sad about the show ending, I look at it from a different perspective and tell them that I am ecstatic. Only because I felt humbled in a way as the show has built up to that level.

Q. How challenging was it to call big names like Narayana Murthy and Veerendra Heggade on the show?
A. See, these individuals have reached great heights because of their humble personality itself. So sitting with them, chatting with them and learning a lot about their life was a very easy task. There’s a saying ‘Empty Vessels Make More Noise’, so in a way, if you look at it, these big personalities have their vessels full, so it is easier to work with them. In contradiction, if there is an empty vessel, it might not be as easy to get their attention or get them to disclose about their lives this way. These esteemed guests understand the bigger picture.

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Inputs from Parinika Uchil and Sanjay BR

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