Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare: Why Every Female Can Relate With This Rom-Com Show

Ram Pyare Sirf Humare is a blessing in disguise that will help every female save their man from other females.

Janhvi Sharma

October 6, 2020


5 min


Ram Pyare Sirf Humare is a Zee TV show which is a situational comedy-drama. Ram Pyare Sirf Humare is a hatke show that breaks the monotony of saas-bahu dramas. The storyline is about a quintessential housewife Dulari and her insecurity about her perfect husband Ram, who is an ideal pati and is madly in love with his wife. Dulari is highly possessive and wants to protect Ram from the evil eyes of other women in the muhalla. The show started its journey from 5 October and we must say, it is a treat for all the ladies out there who want to protect their husbands/boyfriends. Ram Pyare Sirf Humare is a family entertainment show which will keep you hooked with its innovative ways to protect your man.

1. Possessive

You must have heard that showcasing possessiveness in a relationship portrays your deep feelings for someone. However, being a bit possessive is still healthy but going overboard can ruin your relationship. Being protective is better than being possessive. In the show, Dulari feels possessive about her loyal husband Ram, who is surrounded by beautiful women. Dulari knows that Ram is head over heels in love with her and does not look at any other female. But at the same time, she knows how women can stoop down to snatch someone’s husband. Dulari tries various nuskhas to protect her man from others.

2. Jealousy

Well, someone has rightly said that there is no true love without a pinch of jealousy. In the show, Dulari feels jealous seeing every woman getting attracted by her husband Ram. She tries her level best to keep the females away from Ram but fails at every moment. Possessiveness and jealously adds stress in Dulari’s happy married life.

3. Scared of husband falling in love with other females

Like any other wife or girlfriend, Dulari is scared of losing her husband to other women. Despite knowing that Ram is an ideal husband and is dedicated towards her, Dulari gets tensed as she sees women following her husband. Dulari also knows that the quality that Ram possesses as a perfect husband makes everyone envy her.

4. How to maintain a good relationship with your husband

The show will teach you ways to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with your husband. Right from impressing him to changing herself for the better and making his favorite food, Dulari reveals the secret nuskhas that she is trying on her husband. Communication is the best and will help keep transparency in your bond. Staying loyal and truthful will always make your bond stand out from the rest of the crowd.

5. Learn to protect you man

Dulari and her atrangi nuskhas will surely help each and every female fight for their man and keep them safe from other women. Dulari is here to teach you the ways in which you can keep your man close to your heart. You should learn these innovative ways from Dulari and try them on your husband to keep him in your life. The simple way is to make him feel at home. Be your husband’s best friend so that he can rush and come to you every now and them. The secret formula of staying happy in a relationship is trust, understanding and loyalty.

Have you watched the show? If not, what are you waiting for? The show will teach you ways to maintain strong relationship with your better half. You would not want to miss this golden opportunity, right? Go, hurry up and learn ways to protect your man from other females.

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