Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare: Dulari’s Nuskas Can Help You Keep Your Husband Away From Other Females

‘Pati ko parayi nazron se bachayegi, Dulari atrangi nushke aazmayegi.’

Janhvi Sharma

September 28, 2020


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Ram Pyare Sirf Humare is an upcoming Zee TV show by Jaasvand Entertainment and the story is a situational comedy which will entertain audiences to their fullest. Ram Pyare Sirf Humare is a slice-of-life comedy-drama which will have the entire family glued to their TV screens. The storyline revolves around quintessential housewife Dulari and her insecurity over her perfect husband Ram.

Ram is the ideal pati, who is madly in love with his wife and loyal towards her. While, Dulari is highly possessive and wants to protect Ram from the evil eyes of other womens in the muhalla. The show will go on air from 5 October 2020. Here’s how you can keep your husband away from other females, try these nushkas.

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare: Dulari’s Nuskas Can Help You Keep Your Husband Away From Other Females

Actor Nikhil Khurana will essay the role of perfect husband Ram who is the owner of the beauty parlour which is named after his wife. Ram is quite popular among ladies for his nature and his friends call him sharif baccha. Actress Jyoti Sharma will essay the role of Dulari, a possessive wife who is madly in love with her husband. Dulari’s brother gives her a book ‘Pati Ko Kabu Mein Rakhne Ke 151 Tarike’ and she starts experimenting with every nuskhas on her husband.

1. Dulari’s maun vrat

Dulari tries her level best to make her husband eager to talk to her. She keeps quiet and does not talk to him.

2. Dulari tries to wear short dresses to impress Ram

Dulari tries to grab her husband’s attention by ditching saree and traditional look. She will spill her magic by wearing short dresses and will reignite their love.

3. Dulari a simple housewife tries to be a working women

Dulari who is a housewife will try to be a working woman to be near her husband and make him realise that she can do anything.

4. Dulari tries to be the AGYAKARI PATNI – says a YES for everything

Dulari tries to win her husband’s heart by behaving like an agyakari wife. She decides to say yes to everything to what her husband says.

5. Dulari tries to learn the scooter

Dulari tries to change herself to keep her husband with her. She tries to learn new things and wishes to drive the scooter.

6. Dulari plans a DATE

Dulari tries to be innovative and tries various things in her relationship. She even plans a date with her husband and her drastic change will eventually add much-needed spice into their relationship.

7. Dulari tries to lose WEIGHT

Dulari who is a bit healthy tries to lose weight and keep her husband by her side. She tries various ideas to lose weight, while her husband Ram loves her the way she is.

8. Dulari tries to be ROMANTIC

Dulari gets romantic and showcases her sexy avatar to her husband Ram.

9. Dulari keeps calling Ram HERO NO.1 and how he is better than any man on this planet

She makes sure to praise her husband Ram by calling him hero number 1. Dulari makes Ram understand why he is better than any other man.

10. Dulari calls Ram’s friends home and organizes a party MEN STYLE

Dulari tries to come close to her husband and tries to be friends with his friends. She calls Ram’s friends home and organises a men style party.

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