Raksha Bandhan: Yaare Nee Mohini’s Muttu Has Always Protected His Younger Sister Aishu

This Raksha Bandhan, check out how Muttu is a guardian angel to his little sister Aishu.


August 1, 2020


2 min


Well, it’s that time of the year where all the brothers and sisters stop fighting and instead show the extravagant amount of love they have towards each other. This Raksha Bandhan is a special one as we not only see the perfect brother-sister duo of Aishu and Muttu from Yaare Nee Mohini, but we also understand how Muttu has always protected Aishu as much as she has taken care of him.

It is no doubt that Aishu has always been there for Muttu during his difficult times. She has also played a major role in helping him solves these problems as, from the very start, Aishu has made him realise that Belli is the perfect match for him and not Maya. Muttu, on the other hand, has been more than just a brother to Aishu. Since they lost their parents in their childhood, he has always been a mother and father to her. He has never let her feel like she does not have a support system in place for herself. It was also the main reason why he thought of it as important to start a business and earn money so that he can give her a comfortable life to live.

Aishu, Shanmugam and Muttu have a light moment while talking about Maya
Aishu, Shanmugam and Muttu have a light moment while talking about Maya

Apart from this, he has also helped her find a suitable boy for herself and has taken it upon himself to make all the arrangements for her wedding. He has also decided to transfer all his property to her name after his demise. Muttu always considers Aishu as his immediate go-to person whenever he has had a problem. He considers her opinion important even though she is his younger sister and makes her feel part of every decision that he makes.

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