Raksha Bandhan 2020: Dhaaga, Elizabeth Ekadashi And More Films That You Can Binge-Watch With Your Sibling!

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion to celebrate the bond of a brother and sister, their sweet arguments, and support for each other. These films carry the essence of this pure bond!

Ankita Tiwari

August 3, 2020


4 min


It is often said that when it comes to friends, we have the right to choose. But when it comes to family, we are not so powerful with the choice button. Thinking and exploring this point, would you change anything about your family if you had an option? Of course not! Because as annoying as our siblings, parents, and grandparents might be, they love us beyond limits. Raksha Bandhan is one such festival of celebrating the familial bond of a brother and a sister. Doing it rightful justice, here are some films that have been spun around this bond. You can binge-watch these films with your partner-in-crime, your sibling!

1. Dhaga

Dhaga is a short film shot in rural Maharashtra. It revolves around a brother-sister pair named Shankar and Uma. Their routine life and the small joys make it worth a watch!

2. Khari Biscuit

The film is based on the life of Khari and Biscuit, a brother and a sister living in a slum area and fending for themselves. Khari suffers from blindness and her brother Biscuit paints her world pink with his vivid imagination. But one day, Khari makes the demand to watch the World Cup match! Khari’s unusual demand puts Biscuit in a frenzy but he leaves no stone unturned in trying to fulfill her wish!

3. Elizabeth Ekadashi

Another classic Marathi film made on the sweet bond of siblings. Dnyanesh has a cycle named Elizabeth and he loves it to the core. He and his sister Mukta take turns in riding the cycle. But one day, when the money to pay for food and daily use items falls short, Dnyanesh’s mother decides to sell Elizabeth. The struggle that the siblings go through in order to save Elizabeth is a true thrill!

4. Kaashi In Search Of Ganga

Sharman Joshi’s film is a thriller in which a brother seeks justice for his sister. Kashi is a boy who lives with his parents and younger sister Ganga. They live a simple life but their life is disrupted and tossed up and down when Ganga goes missing. More suspense falls out when Kashi realises that Ganga was having an affair with a politician’s son!

5. My Brother… Nikhil

Sanjay Suri and Juhi Chawla’s film was under-appreciated as it was quite ahead of its time. This cinematic wonder is based on the life of Nikhil who is a professional swimmer. Nikhil accepts his life and success and comes out of the closet, declaring Nigel as his boyfriend. But the real trouble begins when Nikhil is diagnosed with HIV. His life turns upside down and he feels himself retracting, but his sister Anamika is his strong support. Anamika pulls him out of everything and holds him together.

Raksha Bandhan in quarantine will be a difficult venture for brothers and sisters living far away from each other. A movie marathon is the best suggestion! Don’t you think so?


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