Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Accuses Centre Of Phone Tapping

Following a ruckus in the Rajasthan assembly yesterday with the state government’s acceptance of phone tapping in the past, the CM in a series of three tweets in turn blamed the centre of forcing the public to use social media platforms to make calls due to the fear of being tapped on regular voice calls

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March 18, 2021

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In a series of tweets yesterday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot waged a war against the central government by openly accusing it of tapping phone calls. He wrote that the public in today’s times is scared of speaking on the phone through regular calls. He continued that people are using alternative channels like Facetime and WhatsApp calls due to the fear of their conversations being bugged. He further wrote that in his state, there is no tradition of telephone interception and it can be done only after approval of the competent authority under the provisions of Indian Telegraph Act 1885, Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules-2007 and IT Act 2000. He stated that the government does not interfere in this matter.

Gehlot’s statement came amidst the ruckus in the Rajasthan assembly yesterday with BJP members protesting in the well of the House for action against him following confirmation of rumours involving some surveillance carried out during the in-party rift between the CM and Congress leader Sachin Pilot last year. The state government in a statement said that in the interest of public safety and public order, the telephones are intercepted only after high level approvals.

The response by the Gehlot government was posted on the Rajasthan Assembly portal following a question raised on this matter by BJP politician Kalicharan Saraf in August 2020 during the House session.

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