Rajaratha Review: A Fictional Tale With Dreamy Elements Like Nirup And Avantika’s Romance

Many may claim it to be a political drama, it eventually turns out to be a love story like a fairy tale with a happy ending, well almost!

Parinika Uchil

May 24, 2019


4 min


With a superb narration by Puneeth Rajkumar playing the role of an inanimate object like a bus, Rajaratha is impressive if we look at it from a fictional aspect. There is a long bus-journey involved, where the hero Abhi (Nirup Bhandari), makes a late entry and catches his ride to Chennai at the very last minute. Adrenaline much? Yeah it is! Director Anup Bhandari has done a fab job in helping a viewer visualise a dream sequence amidst the reality that we try to get away from. I mean wouldn’t you want a guy as cute as Abhi, to be head over heels for you from the moment he saw you? Enter Megha, aka Avantika Shetty, a gorgeous lass who studied in the same college as Abhi.

Her entry in the film starts on a kind note, where she helps an underprivileged boy, who is begging for alms by purchasing some crafts and making a bird out of it. Now, a little girl, a distance away is so intrigued by this toy that she makes her father buy it for her, at a higher price than what the boy was asking for. Something as sweet and simple as this can only be portrayed well by a talented director like Anup Bhandari, who has also played a cameo role of a journalist in the movie.

The brilliant artist Ajaneesh Lokesh has provided the film score for Rajaratha while Anup Bhandari has written the musical tracks. Have you heard the melodious dreamy sequence Hele Meghave where Abhi and Megha get lost in a forest and meet P Ravishankar for a brief 15 minutes. All those scenes of the adventures of Abhi, Megha and Uncle (P Ravishankar) will make you wish that you were there too. While Abhi and Megha are on their road trip to Chennai, with other passengers including prominent actresses Vinaya Prasad (Usha)and Yamuna Srinidhi (the school principal), there is a parallel story going on with Abhi brother Vishwa (played by actor Arya).

A Still Of Vinaya Prasad And Nirup Bhandari In Rajaratha
Source: ZEE5

Now what you didn’t know until now is that Abhi and Vishwa are the sons of a politician contending for the elections. Prominent Tamil actor Arya, who made his debut in this film, has played an older brother and a politician’s role wonderfully, as Vishwa. Due to misunderstandings between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, he is responsible for a devastating riot at the end that has disastrous effects. However, the good news is that the damage is very less and the hero and the heroine gets to live happily ever after. This is where the director brought out the realistic element in the film, which is okay in a way to balance the dreamy romance that takes place previously.

Avantika And Nirup In A Promotional Poster Of Rajaratha
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But keeping the ‘too much is too bad’ concept in mind, Anup Bhandari has done justice to every emotion that was required to make Rajaratha a complete entertainer. All in all, for a family drama, you can expect every kind of emotion necessary to keep you and your family entertained. As for Avantika and Nirup, their sizzling chemistry was the victory for the movie, hands down.

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