Rajani, Dandupalya: 5 Entertaining Films That Will Help You Escape The Negativity And Fear


June 14, 2020


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Chemistry of Kariyappa (2019)

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If you’re looking to binge-watch on some of the most interesting movies, then here’s what you should be watching during your free time!

Chemistry of Kariyappa revolves around Tabla Nani who lives with his wife, son, and daughter-in-law. However, complications arise in his son and daughter-in-law’s life when his wife suspects him of being impotent. As a result, she decides to file for a divorce. With an issue as sensitive as this one, the plotline of Chemistry of Kariyappa is extremely engrossing and engaging when we see how this family deals with the issue of impotency.

Dandupalya (2012)

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Dandupalya is a crime thriller that stars Pooja Gandhi and Makarand Deshpande and is about Lakshmi who is the head of a gang that targets and kills women. Pooja’s performance in this film and her conflicted and disturbed state of mind is what makes it a must-watch! Lakshmi takes a thrill in slitting throats and enjoys watching blood oozing out and this particular act of hers is what will cause all the chills.

Rajani (2009)


If you’re looking for a total rom-com then this is what you should watch! Rajani, starring Upendra, Arathi Chabria, and Rangayana Raghu, is about an unemployed software engineer, Rajani, who falls in love with Sandhya. How they fight the forces against them while also realising their love for each other makes this complicated love story an intriguing one.

Lava Kusha (2007)

Lava Kusha

Lava Kusha, starring Shivrajkumar, Upendra and Charmy, revolves around two friends Cheeni and Chakri, who con people in order to make a living. However, in a turn of events, the three friends are separated. Check out this film to see how they go to every extent to strengthen their bond.

DK (2015)


DK is a comedy-action film that stars Prem and Chaitra Chandranath along with Sunny Leone. DK, who is a street-smart man, falls for Subbalakshmi, a politician’s daughter. This one will surely be interesting to see how the two deal with each other when they happen to cross paths.

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