Ragini Dwivedi’s The Terrorist Is Just What You Need To Watch Today On Independence Day

Check out this intense but gripping movie to entertain yourself on this special day!


August 15, 2020


2 min


The Terrorist is just what you should watch on Independence Day! Starring Ragini Dwivedi, the film revolves around two sisters Reshma and Asma, whose lives take a drastic turn when Reshma receives a call about Asma being kidnapped. The whole film is about Reshma’s plight and her heroism to save her sister whose life is in danger. While she faces a number of obstacles in order to free Asma, the boldness portrayed by her is remarkable.

Directed by P C Shankar, The Terrorist is an intelligent film in terms of its plotline. Reshma’s channels all her energy towards finding her sister singlehandedly so that she can bring her back home safe. This journey is exactly what keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. Needless to say, her courageous and determined character serves as a source of inspiration to many, especially women.

Ragini Dwivedi, as Reshma, has done a commendable job as she projects her tense but confused state of mind who is constantly under the pressure of saving her sister’s life. She portrays just the kind of attitude that is needed for such a story which sets the tone of the movie too. And as this is her comeback, we must say she’s back with a bang!

The Terrorist
Source: ZEE5

In terms of technical aspects, music director Pradeep Varma’s background score brings out the essence of the film and lifting its spirits beautifully. The cinematography is raw and grim just as it should be which creates more tension than ever. Along with this, the right amount of colour and hues have been used when needed! You can watch this movie for free only today on ZEE5. 

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