Radhamma Kuthuru: Only Rajesh’s comeback can put an end to Shruthi’s misdeeds

Rajesh from Radhamma Kuthuru might be back, and here’s why we want him to come back soon!

Bhavna Gandikota

February 16, 2021



2 min


Radhamma Kuthuru starring Deepthi Manne as Akshara and Gokul as Aravind is a show that gets more interesting with every passing episode. Especially, with the news of Rajesh probably making it back, it opens us a plethora of possibilities for everyone. While we know that Shruti pushed him off, we didn’t know if he was gone for good.
Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Radhamma Kuthuru right here!
With every shenanigan that Shruthi has up her sleeve, she makes Akshara and Arvind’s lives a living hell. Somehow she is also able to better her game every time as it becomes very difficult to prove her crime. With Rajesh coming back, we are sure that he will let Bujjamma know about Shruthi’s true colours.
Shruti in Radhamma Kuthuru (Source: ZEE5)

Once Rajesh manages to tell everyone the truth that his fatality was no accident but a cleverly constructed plan by Shruti, everything will fall in place. Even the relationship between Bujjamma and Bebbamma will get better since they will understand that it was Shruti who was instilling bitter feelings for each other in them. Shruti seems to be the cause of the negativity in everyone’s life.

Most of all, Akshara and Arvind will finally live in peace and Akshara will be able to prepare for her IAS exams without any burden. Rajesh’s arrival will put a lot of things into perspective and bring about a phenomenal change.
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