Radhamma Kuthuru: Not even a wheelchair can save Purandari from Shruthi, here’s proof

Radhamma Kuthuru’s Shruthi continues to target Purandari, and it now looks like she can stoop to any low to kill her!

The popular TV show Radhamma Kuthuru stars Deepthi Manne as Akshara and Gokul as Aravindwho have an endearing family that we all love. However, they have recently found their lost happiness as Purandari starts recovering and making progress. She can not communicate and move but we are sure that she will be up and fine soon. While we sympathise with her, Shruthi doesn’t seem to care about her condition and can do anything to kill her.

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When Purandari was in a coma, Shruthi even tried to strangle her to death, and if you think that she crossed all boundaries then, she did the unimaginable now! She left a venomous snake to bite Purandari knowing well that Purandari cannot move in that condition. There are no limits to what she can come up with because she managed to find a snake right in the middle of a town. Shruthi’s perseverance is not to be messed with!

Shruthi in Radhamma Kuthuru
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She will only rest after killing Purandari or being caught red-handed. According to Shruthi, killing Purandari will be hitting two birds with one stone. Purandari seems to know a lot about Shruthi that she will tell everyone about, once she is fine. Apart from this, Akshara will be partly blamed for Purandari’s death because she did not mix the ‘Mudupu’ like she was supposed to while performing the pooja.

Radhamma will end up resenting Akshara and her secrets will never be out too! While we are sure that Akshara will be able to beat Shruthi at any point, we cannot deny the fact that Shruthi is a strong opponent and it will not be easy to defeat her.

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