Radhamma Kuthuru: Here’s why we think the inspector’s behaviour towards Radhamma was unacceptably rude

While Radhamma from Radhamma Kuthuru sought help from the police, the officer was impolite enough and humiliated her instead.

Bhavna Gandikota

February 15, 2021



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The encaptivating Telugu TV show Radhamma Kuthuru starring Deepthi Manne as Akshara and Gokul as Aravind has never shied away from throwing light on social issues and it did so once again. This time, it was about the attitude that some police officers show when helpless people come to them.

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As Radhamma goes to the inspector and asks for help, we see that he, in turn, blames her for all the robberies in the neighbouring cities. He even goes to the extent of saying that he will make sure that he traps all of Radhamma’s family members in this case. While Radhamma is a strong and benevolent woman, he tries to take advantage of the situation when she is at her lowest.

Radhamma in Radhamma Kuthuru (Source: ZEE5))

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Radhamma has been nothing but kind to the people around her. She even put her house on the line for Bujjamma’s jewellery. Hence, it seems extremely unfair of the inspector to actually hold her responsible for something she never did. The inspector might have personal grudges with her but as long as he is an officer, he must help her in any way he can.

Apart from that, the fact that Radhamma is always nice to the people around her, only tells us about the Inspector’s character, since it is impossible for one to have any grudges on a person as sweet as Radhamma, don’t you agree?

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