Radhamma Kuthuru: Here’s why we think Bujjamma’s pride might be her biggest enemy

Radhamma Kuthuru’s Bujjamma is one of the strongest women we know but here’s why we think her ego will only work against her!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 13, 2021


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Radhamma Kuthuru, starring Deepthi Manne as Akshara and Gokul as Aravind, never fails to engage us with its storyline. Recently, we saw that Akshara and Aravind moved out of their house and now live away from Bujjamma and their family. While Bujjamma has her own reasons to keep her kids away from her, a large part of it is also her pride which might be her biggest enemy.

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Bujjamma refuses to ask Akshara and Aravind to come back to their house because of which she has to stay away from her kids on her birthday. It is her first birthday away from Aravind, and all of it can return to how it was. All she would have to do is to call him back home. However, her pride might be stopping her from doing so!

She would even disguise herself and go to meet her son, rather than telling him who she is and calling him back home. Shruthi had also taken advantage of her pride and often instigated her against Akshara and Bebamma. If Bujjamma could keep her ego aside, she could have done away with half the misunderstandings in her life.

Akshara and Aravind in Radhamma Kuthuru
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She was even too proud to accept Akshara first, and it took her a lot of time to warm up to someone as wonderful as Akshara. While Bujjamma doesn’t lack compassion, it takes time for her to come around and accept things as they are, or people as they are, which eats up on her own happiness.

In the end, it is Bujjamma who is left hurt, because of her ego. The biggest example of this is that she ends up shedding tears on her own birthday because she is away from her son and daughter-in-law.

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