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Radhamma Kuthuru: Here’s why we think Akshara would slay it as an IAS officer!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 19, 2021

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Akshara from Radhamma Kuthuru will soon be giving her IAS exams and here’s why we know she will ace it!

While we know of women who give up their careers and dreams post marriage, there are a few who find the courage to follow their dreams, and Akshara from Radhamma Kuthuru is one of those women. She is phenomenal and her in-laws are equally supportive of her dreams. Bujjamma asks her to apply for the exams, and we know that she will kill it as an IAS officer.

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Akshara’s intelligence is something that we’ve been seeing ever since the first episode. There was a time when she even saved a life while following the doctor’s instructions on a video call. Apart from this, there are countless times when she catches Shruthi’s cunning ideas and defeats them even before they are executed; like the time Shruthi wore a dull saree to berate Bujjamma in front of everyone. Shruthi thought she would get away with it but Akshara makes her change the saree with her wit.

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Apart from being intelligent, she is also courageous and doesn’t surrender to anything that comes in the way of her goal. Her compassion towards the people that she is surrounded by, proves to us that she is an amazing person. From her resilience to her intelligence, every trait that she demonstrates makes for a perfect IAS officer and we know for a fact that she will serve the people really well, proving to be an asset as a police officer.

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