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R Madhavan Has Self Doubt Over His Pictures; Here’s Why


December 7, 2021

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R Madhavan has spoken up about why he posts shirtless pictures on the internet as well as the attention he receives as a result of it. His wife also had a message for him on his photos

R Madhavan shares photos on social media platforms on a regular basis, and they quickly go viral. When asked about the obsession that surrounds his images, the actor had no idea. Since his appearance in Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein, R Madhavan has created the reputation of a romantic hero. A few of his shirtless selfies, which he has uploaded on social media in the past, have gone viral.

When asked about it, he informed a leading daily how he was humiliated. He also stated that he had no idea why this occurred. He also stated that he’s not the most attractive man. Hrithik Roshan is indeed a Greek God when it comes to attractiveness, and there isn’t much argument to that.  Hrithik Roshan has been an inspiration to the actor. He has no idea why he would want it. His wife has asked him to be relevant and not to delete these photos. 

In response to a question on why he chose to reveal them, he stated that he is doubting himself in this situation. The actor wonders if it’s to test whether he’ll receive it or if it’s a concern of not receiving enough attention. He admitted that he doesn’t do it as often as he used to. Madhavan’s photographs on social networking sites tend to become incredibly popular as well as his photos keep people hooked. They can’t seem to quit remarking on the images. While some refer to him as their childhood crush, others phone and tell him they were feeling down and then have the motivation and power to get through the day after seeing his selfie. He makes it a point to return to several of the tweets and comments he receives from his followers on a regular basis.

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Madhavan told sources that he is now ashamed and under pressure, since he doesn’t look like that all of the time and is attempting to see if he’ll be acknowledged as a normal-looking person again after the reception he earned for the job. 

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