Qurbaan Hua Written Update 26 October 2020: Chahat Loses Baba Again

Chahat and Neel seem to agree with each other on some matters. To know what happens next on Qurbaan Hua, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

Sania Kader

October 27, 2020


5 min


In the previous episodes of Qurbaan Hua, Neel is frantically looking for Dr Baig so that he can seek his revenge after all the wait. Chahat, on the other hand, is trying to get to her baba as soon as possible and also gets a hint about his whereabouts. Upon reaching the lounge, she learns that Mr Baig has his head wrapped in plastic as someone was trying to kill him. Chahat is devastated and makes an attempt to rescue her father.

Here is a look at the latest trailer of Qurbaan Hua on ZEE5:

The latest episode of Qurbaan Hua started off with Chahat trying to get her baba out of the bed. She is weeping at his condition while making an attempt to carry his weight on her shoulder. She is unable to carry his weight on her shoulder, hence resulting in his collapse on the ground. Chahat prays for a way out while hurriedly thinking of a plan.

On the other hand, Gazala realizes that her helper had been tricked to leave Mr Baig’s room, making her suspect that something has gone wrong. When she arrives at the reception, she sees Neel looking for a reservation under the name of Mr Baig. Neel loses his mind when the receptionist is inattentive and refuses to work. After threatening the receptionist a little, he learns that a woman in white saree had been staying at the lodge with an old and unhealthy man. He gets details about the room number and heads there, only to find an unknown man sleeping peacefully.

Back at home, Parmukh is confident that something is wrong with Chahat’s family. He decides to find out but his efforts are in vain. He asks Bhoopender about Chahat’s family but is unable to get anything out of him. He makes up his mind to get to the truth since he is suspicious about Neel and Chahat.

In the lodge, Chahat has successfully managed to shift baba into another room with the help of a staff. She also requests him to lie down in the room in place of baba so that no one is suspicious about his whereabouts. The nobleman agrees, pulling the pressure off Chahat’s mind. She decides to call for a cab and leaves baba alone in the room.

Neel is confident that Dr Baig is somewhere in the lodge premise and hence, heads out, looking for him. On the way, he crashed against Chahat who is dressed as a man with a fake beard and hair. At first, Neel does not recognize her but it dwells upon him, eventually. He catches hold of Chahat and takes her wig and beard off.

They have an emotional conversation where Chahat requests Neel to leave her baba alone since he is already in a bad situation. Neel is adamant on getting his revenge and starts getting uneasy out of anger. After a strong attempt, Chahat successfully calms him down while the song Tum Saath Ho plays in the background. She calmly explains the situation while he counts from 100 to 1. Chahat takes a promise from Neel stating that he would not harm her baba without seeking an explanation. When they arrive at the room, Neel and Chahat are surprised to see the bed empty.

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