Qurbaan Hua: What Is Tula Daan? Neel And Chahat All Set To Celebrate The Auspicious Custom

Swarn Tula or Tula Daan is widely celebrated in the northern part of India. Read on to know what exactly this custom is.

Janhvi Sharma

September 22, 2020


2 min


Zee TV’s show Qurbaan Hua viewers will soon witness interesting twist and turns in the upcoming episodes. The show is up for some dramatic track in Neel and Chahat’s life. In the upcoming episodes, Chahat will have to be part of an age-old ritual Swarn Tula custom. Swarn Tula or Tula Daan is widely celebrated in the northern part of India is recommended for people who suffer from the disease that is not curable by medicines or is not diagnosed. The puja is carried on with an individual sitting on one side of manual balance while on the other side various materials are kept that eradicate bad energy. Until the balance strikes a perfect balance the materials are added. The term Daan means sacred donation made by the person for his/her benefit.

In Qurbaan Hua, Chahat will be sitting on one side of the weighing scale with Saraswati’s baby while on the other side the family will be seen adding jewellery and edible grains that they would donate to the underprivileged.

Actress Pratibha Ranta who essays the role of Chahta had lots of fun while shooting for this sequence as she is a pahadi girl who hails from North India. Chahat was quoted by a media portal wherein she said that she wore a heavy saree with junky jewellery to shoot for this particular scene.

In the upcoming episode, Gazala will try her level best to harm Neel and his family. She will keep eggs in their veranda and try to spoil their auspicious puja. Moreover, she will poison Neel’s drink and will wait for him to die. But Chahat comes to his recuse as she gets suspicious and will consume the poisonous drink.

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