Qurbaan Hua 9 March 2020 Written Update: Alekh Tries To Kill Saraswati

In the latest episode of Qurbaan Hua, Alekh tries to kill Saraswati to stop her from telling Vyaasji the truth; Neel races to save her.


March 9, 2020


4 min


In the previous episode, Neel and Vyaasji’s fight leads Neel to leave the house. Saraswati is hurt by the way Vyaasji treats Neel and decides to confront him about it. However, Alekh tells her to think with a calm mind and not take hasty decisions in anger. She realises that perhaps she can calmly speak to Vyaasji about Neel. Saraswati heads out of her room to meet Vyaasji when she accidentally notices Alekh and her cousin Naveli in a compromising position.

Tonight, Saraswati slaps Alekh and confronts him about what she has witnessed. She says that she will not forgive him for what he has done and plans on telling Vyaasji the truth. However, before Alekh’s truth is revealed to Vyaasji, he tries to stop Saraswati. In fact, she pushes him and locks him in the same room and runs away. Saraswati heads out of the house to get to Vyaasji but Alekh manages to break the door and follows her. Their chase continues as a pregnant Saraswati tries to outrun Alekh and reach her father on time.

Midway, her body starts to give her signs that she cannot prolong this chase due to her pregnancy. Saraswati hides behind a closed shop while Alekh and Naveli search for her. They overlook her and run ahead. She realises that Neel is the only one who can help her out. She gives him a call but Alekh catches her and pushes her off the stairs. Neel is in the bus and notices that the rakhi tied by Saraswati has come off. Holding her stomach, Saraswati screams in pain and calls out Neel’s name.

Qurbaan Hua 2
Qurbaan Hua 2

Neel feels uneasy and gives Saraswati a call. She notices the phone ringing and tries to answer it. But in her current state, she is unable to move much and before she can reach her phone, Alekh comes over and kicks her phone away. He starts choking Saraswati and states that he doesn’t care for her or their baby. Alekh and Naveli hear some pandits walk towards them. They wrap a weak Saraswati in a shawl and try to take her away from the place. Neel gets off the bus as he gets a terrible feeling and starts looking for Saraswati.

Alekh and Naveli bring her to Dr Baig’s clinic and announce that she hasn’t been responding for some time. Neel looks everywhere in the house for Saraswati and panics. Chahat enters Dr Baig’s room with her cake and finds out from Gazala that he is in the hospital, citing some emergency. She decides to visit her father and help. Saraswati’s condition deteriorates. Chahat helps her father notice that there are fresh abrasions on her knee. Suddenly, Saraswati starts breathing heavily and worries Dr Baig, Chahat, and Alekh.

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