Qurbaan Hua 5 March 2020 Written Update: Vyaasji Goes Against Neel’s Relationship

In the episode, Vyaasji says that Neel cannot get married to his girlfriend as they can have issues in long term. Neel gets angry at him and leaves.

Janhvi Sharma

March 5, 2020


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In the previous episode, Godavari tells everyone that Saraswati is bearing an illegitimate child. She says that Everybody is shocked Saraswati has opted for an IVF process to get pregnant and Vyaasji scolds Gauri for not controlling his wife. Godavari further says that Saraswati is visiting a doctor of another religion for her pregnancy. Neel takes his sister’s side and tells Vyaasji and others that they have no right to asks Saraswati any questions. Alekh takes Saraswati’s side as he says that the decision for IVF was made by both of them and not Saraswati alone.

Tonight, Godavari taunts Vyaasji as he agrees to accept Saraswati’s unborn child and says that he will now accept Neel’s girlfriend. Neel starts taunting Godavari and tells her that he will not back off as he will support his sister. Saraswati supports her brother and tells Vyaasji that the girl is from their religion. Neel interrupts Saraswati as he says that he does not care if Vyaasji approves his decision or no, he will do what he likes the most. Vyaasji tells Neel that he needs to see the girl’s horoscope.

Qurbaan hua
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Vyaasji says that the girl is not right for Neel and declares that the marriage will not happen. Neel goes against Vyaasji and says that he will get married at any cost. Saraswati pledges Vyaasji to change his decision but the latter denies. She gets angry at Vyaasji as he goes against Neel and yells at him. Saraswati warns Vyaasji as she tells him to accept Neel and his girlfriend.

Qurbaan hua
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On the other side, Chahat gets angry thinking that Neel did not allow him to enter the house. She gets happy as she has ordered the cake for her father on his birthday. Chahat drops her father’s birthday cake into the river as she bumps with Neel. The two get into an argument and start fighting. Neel decides to bake a cake for his father and Chahat starts helping him.

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