Qurbaan Hua 29 October 2020 Written Update: Neel-Chahat Get Into An Argument

Neel and Alekh’s suprise gifts get exchanged with each other. As a result, Neel and Chahat get into an argument. To know what happens next on Qurbaan Hua, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

Simren Rodrigues

October 28, 2020



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In the latest episode of Qurbaan Hua, the family prepares for the prayer service. Kripa cries bitterly, so Chahat asks Vyassji to go-ahead for the pooja while she changes Kripa’s diaper. Chahat gets happy and thanks Kripa for saving her. The entire family gathers for the pooja.

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Qurbaan Hua 29 October 2020 Written Update:

Neel asks Chahat why she didn’t wear the clothes he gifted her. Vyaasji interrupts them and hands over Kripa to Chahat. Just then Chahat remembers that its the last date to fill the entrance exam form. Neel interrupts her and takes her to the room. They both get into an argument. But Neel is very stubborn, he begins hitting himself. Chahat stops him, but he doesn’t listen. Later, Chahat agrees to wear the clothes he gifted her.

Chahat yells at him for gifting her clothes which make her feel uncomfortable. But Neel tells her that this is not what he gifted her. Meanwhile, Aalekh gifts Naveli a saree, but she tells him that she likes western outfits better. Just then he realises that there has been some confusion as his parcel is gone to someone else. On the other hand, Neel tells Chahat that he had brought a beautiful saree as a gift. They wonder what happened to the saree.

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Neel asks Chahat if she wasn’t comfortable why did she wear those clothes. Later, Chahat explains that she didn’t want him to feel bad. Neel apologizes to Chahat and asks her what can he do to make up for it. Chahat gets excited and asks him to drop her to the university so that she can fill the form. Chahat explains how this was her father’s dream. Neel gets furious and tells Chahat that her father will always remain his enemy. He refuses to help her. But Chahat is determined to reach the university.

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Later, she calls out to Bhupender and asks him to help her reach the university before 6. He agrees. Chahat asks Vyaasji if he could look after Kripa for a while. Just as she was about to leave, Naveli’s father falls to the floor. Vyaasji yells and Chahat comes back immediately. Chahat saves his life and Vyaasji is impressed with her. However, Chahat feels emotional because she could not reach the university on time. Just then, she receives a text that her application is accepted. Neel reaches home and gives Chahat the form receipt. Chahat starts crying because of Neel’s harsh words and tells him that she will prove her Baba is innocent. However, Godamvari overhears their conversation.

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