Qurbaan Hua 27 October 2020 Written Update: Vyaasji Gets Emotional Thinking About Saraswati

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October 27, 2020



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In the previous episode of Qurbaan Hua, Neel sets a trap to expose Sunita. He sets a tracking device in Sunita’s belongings and reaches the hotel. Mr Baig is present in the same hotel. Chahat who was disguised as a taxi driver finds Mr Baig in trouble. Read on to know what happens next.

Watch a sneak peek below:

Qurbaan Hua 27 October 2020 Written Update:

In the latest episode of Qurbaan Hua, Neel and Chahat reach the hotel room but are shocked when they see the room empty. Neel gets angry on Chahat for helping her Baba flee away. Chahat shows a handkerchief that she used. On the other hand, Mrs Baig recollects how she managed to flee from Neel with Mr Baig. She finds the tracking device that Neel planted on her and thinks that Chahat did that. Chahat cries to Neel thinking about her Baba.

Meanwhile at home, Godamvari tells Neel and Chahat that Sunita left the job and left a note stating the same. Mrs Baig calls Chahat and threatens her. She tells Chahat to forget about her Baba. Chahat gets emotional. Neel takes the phone from Chahat and warns Mrs Baig that if anything happens to Chahat he will turn her life into hell. He tells Chahat not to think that she is alone as he is with her. They share an intimate moment.

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On the other hand, they hear Kripa crying bitterly. Vyaasji tells them she started crying suddenly. Later, Chahat manages to calm her down. Vyaasji is very impressed with Chahat. Vyaasji asks Chahat about her father. She tries to change the topic, but he doesn’t listen. Then Chahat goes on to explain how her father is the best. She credits her Baba for her wisdom. Vyaasji gets emotional thinking about Saraswati. He starts crying. Neel tells him that he will get new dresses for Kripa. Vyaasji and Chahat talk about Neel’s childhood. They share a good laugh.

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Later, Chahat gets anxious thinking about the Navarathri festival. She asks Neel what to do. Neel explains the rituals and traditions his family follows. Later, Chahat expresses her concern about Mrs Baig and Neel tells her not to worry. Chahat tells him that she will stitch a red dress for Kripa since it was Saraswati’s wish. Neel is in awe of Chahat.

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