Qurbaan Hua 22 October 2020 Written Update: Naveli Falls At Chahat’s Feet And Apologizes

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October 21, 2020



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In the previous episode of Qurbaan Hua, Mrs Baig reveals herself to Chahat. However, she puts forth a condition before Chahat that she can only meet her Baba if she agrees to destroy Neel and his family. Meanwhile, Neel reaches the hospital room and finds Chahat there. Chahat takes the blame on herself to save her Baba. However, Neel does not believe her. He shows her a poster of Gazala and her Baba that he found near the hospital. Chahat narrates the events that occurred before he could arrive at the hospital. Neel asks Chahat about her Baba’s whereabouts.

Watch the spoiler below:

Qurbaan Hua Written Update October 22 2020:

In the latest episode of Qurbaan Hua, Chahat tells Neel that she doesn’t know about her Baba’s whereabouts. She tells him that Mrs Baig told her to meet her Baba she must harm Vyaasji. Neel calms her down and tells her she is filled with love and won’t harm anyone. Chahat gets emotional thinking about her Baba. Neel makes a plan so that no one knows they are together. He tells her to go home alone.

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Chahat reminisces the memories of her Baba and Vyaasji. She feels helpless and prays to God for strength. Just then, Sunita sees Chahat outside. Neel reaches home injured. Everyone gets worried when they see Neel injured. They inform him that all this is Naveli’s fault and that she only sent the text message. Vyaasji calls out to Chahat and tells her to enter the house.  Godamvari tells Naveli to apologize to Chahat. Naveli’s father is filled with rage and tells her to leave the house. Naveli falls at the feet of Chahat and apologizes for her wrongdoing. Chahat picks her up.

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Vyaasji feels ashamed and apologizes to Chahat. She stops him and tells her not to say sorry. Chahat asks him if she can call him Baba. Vyaasji gets emotional and gives Chahat his blessings. Meanwhile, Sunita gets angry and thinks to herself that Chahat will have to forget her Baba forever. She smashes a rose with her hands. Neel witnesses this. He tells them to focus on him since he is injured. Chahat and Neel share a tender moment. Kripa starts crying, Godamvari tells Naveli to look after her since it’s her test. Neel and Chahat are shocked to hear this. Neel stops Sunita and tells her that from today onwards he will tell her what work to do.

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