Qurbaan Hua 2 October 2020 Spoiler: Chahat Sees Naveli Hiding Pregnancy Test Kit

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Janhvi Sharma

September 30, 2020


1 min


In the last few episodes of Zee TV show Qurbaan Hua, Gazala tells Godambari that she found a tawiz (locket) in Chahat’s bag while she was cleaning her room. Alekh questions Gazala about the locket. She tells them that the locket is mostly worn by the Muslims to protect them from evil things. Godambari gets shocked as she asks what is Muslim locket doing in brahmin’s household? Neel and Chahat get shocked to see the pendant.

Watch the spoiler of the episode here:

In the next episode, Naveli tries to hide a pregnancy test kit in the garden. Chahat sees Naveli roaming around and questions her. Naveli gets scared seeing Chahat and tells her that she came for a walk. Chahat catches Naveli’s lies red-handed and says that she saw her throwing something in the dustbin. Chahat tells her to stand while she goes to check the dustbin. What will happen next? Will Chahat get to know Naveli’s truth?

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