Qurbaan Hua 2 November 2020 Written Update: Mrs Baig Puts Neel’s Family In Danger

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November 1, 2020



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In the latest episode of Qurbaan Hua, Yamna persuades Vyaasji to incense the house. Later, while Neel and Vyaasji perform the pooja the entire family sings praises for the Goddess. On the other hand, Chahat dresses Kripa in the room. However, he notices a weird smell in the house. She looks everywhere.

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Qurbaan Hua 2 November 2020 Written Update:

Yamna increases the incense in the room while the entire family is mesmerized in prayer. Chahat, who is with Kripa in the room, realizes that the smell belongs to a chemical gas. She rushes to close the doors and windows and forgets Kripa in the room. Meanwhile, the entire family begins to suffocate because of the chemical in the room. They all fall to the ground, except Yamna, who stands there and looks at everyone. Chahat reaches the hall and is shocked by the amount of chemical gas in the room.

Qurbaan Hua
Source: ZEE5

Yamna shows Ghazala the sight and she gets very happy. She tells him to keep Chahat’s identity card in Vyaasji’s hand. After completing his work, Yamna sneaks out of the house. Chahat is shocked to see everyone lying down and tries to wake them up. She opens the doors and windows so that the gas can escape out and looks for the air purifier. Chahat tries her best to save the entire family. She informs Bhupender about the same and tells him to get two oxygen cylinders, one for Vyaasji and one for Mamaji. With the help of Bhupender, Chahat was able to save Neel and his family.

Qurbaan Hua
Source: ZEE5

Neel asks Chahat what happened. She tells him that she found everyone lying on the floor. Vyaasji looks for the singer and informs everyone that he was incensing the house. Meanwhile, he notices the identity card in his hand but his vision is compromised because of the smoke. Neel realizes it’s Chahat’s ID card and burns it somehow. Aalekh tells Vyaasji to call the police but Neel tells everyone to rest. Later, Neel tells Chahat that he will take revenge from Mrs Baig. Chahat, on the other hand, tries to make Kripa laugh. While doing so, Neel and Chahat share an intimate moment.

Qurbaan Hua
Source: ZEE5

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