Qurbaan Hua 08 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Is Vyasji alive?

Chahat sees Vyasji’s hand twitch. Is he alive? To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


September 7, 2021

Qurbaan hua

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In the previous episode, Chahat tells Zain that she is ready to die but will not accept anyone other than Neel as her husband. Zain empties the barrel of his gun and leaves a single bullet inside. He vows to not let them be together and decides to test their fate by taking turns firing the gun at them. Meanwhile, Gazala continues to instigate the mob to attack Neel’s family members. When Bhupender gets hurt, Vyasji tries to explain to the mob that Neel truly loves Chahat and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Vyasji’s honest appeal calms the mob and just then, Naveli points at the bloomed Prayagpushp. When it is the last turn, Neel says his goodbyes to Chahat, who gets into a scuffle with Zain and tries to snatch the gun. Neel joins them, but Chahat gets pushed away and hurts her head, rendering her unconscious. Meanwhile, Vyasji wins over the mob and rushes inside to get Neel and Chahat. However, amidst Zain and Neel’s scuffle, Vyasji gets shot. When Neel confronts Zain, he claims that he didn’t kill Vyasji. However, before he could elaborate, somebody kills Zain. The family members, along with the mob, arrive in the room upon hearing the gunshot and find Neel holding both the murder weapons. Aalekh instigates the mob against Neel and calls him a murderer when the police arrive. The police arrest Neel, while Aalekh and Gazala prepare for Zain and Vyasji’s last rites. Naveli and Bhupender rush to Chahat and wake her up so that she can prove Neel innocent.

In the latest episode, Aalekh stops Chahat from going near a dead Vyasji and tells her that she is responsible for it. He pushes her away by stating that her punishment is that she will never get to see his face. Aalekh is about to leave with the dead body when Chahat notices Vyasji’s hand twitching and stops everyone.

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