Qurbaan Hua 03 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Aalekh instigates Vyasji against Chahat

Aalekh instigates Vyasji against Chahat. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode, Chahat’s mehendi ceremony begins and Neel lovingly applies the henna on her hand. His gesture puts Chahat in thoughts and she reminisces their past. Meanwhile, Zain gets angry due to Neel’s actions and feels that he wrote the alphabet ‘N’ on Chahat’s palm with the henna. When he tries to wipe the alphabet, Chahat stops him and convinces him that Neel wrote the alphabet ‘Z’. Later, Neel and Bhupinder plan to expose that Zain is the one calling Chahat by posing as Mr Baig. Alka, who eavesdrops on them, conveys their plan to Zain. She also confronts Zain for not securing her interests in his bid to win over Chahat. However, Zain does not pay heed to Alka’s words and leaves from there. Later, a cunning Zain once again bests Neel by sending him on a false trail and gloats about it over a phone call. Neel’s troubles multiply when a man sent by Zain kidnaps him after attacking him. On seeing his goons beating Neel and rendering him unconscious, Zain smirks and tells Gazala about his actions. Later, he tells his goons to throw an unconscious Neel in the river. Meanwhile, Chahat senses that Neel is in trouble and prays for his safety. Soon after, she is approached by Vyasji, who dissuades her from marrying Zain.

In the latest episode, Aalekh tries to instigate Vyasji against Chahat and states that Neel will spend his life alone because of her. Meanwhile, Chahat and Zain’s wedding rituals begin.

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