Quiz: Yudi, Neelu or Greeshma: Which Dark 7 White Character Are You?

Dark 7 white has established a connection with its fans. But as a fans which Dark 7 White are you? Are you as ambitious as Greshma or do you wear your heart on your sleeve like Neelu?

Tanvi Dhote

December 30, 2020


Web Series

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ZEE5’s latest Original web series, Dark 7 White is on everyone’s mind. If you binged on this political drama, do not worry you are not alone. ZEE5’s Dark 7 White is a fictional tale for sure, but in many ways the audience finds its characters relatable. So if you want to know which Dark 7 White character you are, just keep reading.


1. Yudi a.k.a. Yudhveer Singh

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Yudhveer Singh is the protagonist of this political drama. He is a master manipulator and can read a situation pretty well. He not only understands the situation but also understands human nature. He is extremely ambitious and does not get distracted from his goal. But while building his life, he also believes in helping others. No wonder he helped his friends in building their career and other endeavours.

2. Neelu

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Dark 7 White would have been incomplete without Neelu. Neelu is a woman who does not shy away from confessing her feelings. No wonder she made it clear to Yudi that she wants to be in a relationship with him. Even though she wears her heart on her sleeve, Neelu is a tough person. Throughout the series, she faced several hardships but she puts on a brave face and marches forward. But just like everybody else, Neelu also has a breaking point. Once she reaches this point, she lets her mind take over and stop thinking from her heart. This quality led her to seek the ultimate revenge on Yudi.

3. Kush

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Kush seems to be a combination of Neelu and Yudi. He possesses Yudi’s ambitious persona and Neelu soft nature. Since the beginning, Kush wanted to enter politics just like and made a steady step towards his goal. But while doing so, he did not forget to focus on his personal life. He made sure to be by Yogesh’s side on every step. Kush knows how to strike a balance that will help him in the long run.

4. Greshma

Source: ZEE5

As Yudi once said, “Greshma I see myself in you”. Of course, Yudi was right. Greshma is one of the most ambitious characters in Dark 7 White. Since her college days, Greshma was fearless and did not hesitate to speak her mind. This quality helped her run a news channel and also further Yudi’s political career.


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