Qubool Hai 16 April 2020 Written Update : Ayaan Plans To Leave The House

In the latest episode, Ayaan gets upset seeing that Rashid has no time for his son Asad, and follows Gaffur’s orders. He plans to leave the house

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April 17, 2020


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In the previous episode of Qubool Hai, Asad’s father gets worried about his son’s health but the latter gets angry at him. Asad tells Rashid that his father died 17 years ago. Ayaan’s parents get to know that the groom and his parents left after waiting for them. Razia taunts Rashid and Shireen for being careless towards their daughter. She blames Rashid for ruining Nikat’s life. Gafoor asks Ayaan how he came to know about Asad being in the hospital. Gafoor reveals to everyone about Ayaan meeting Asad. Zoya meets her jiju (brother- in – law), and tells him to meet her sister. Razia tells Gafoor that he should not have scolded Ayaan as he might leave the house in anger.

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In the latest episode, Zoya meets her sister and gets teary-eyed. She gets angry at Zoya from running away from the marriage. She asks her sister to forgive her, and the two hug each other. Zoya’s sister tells her that she has convinced the groom to marry her. Zoya gets shocked knowing her sister’s decision, and says that she is not ready for marriage. Zoya tells her sister that she has come to Bhopal to find out about her father. Rashid tries to brainwash Shireen against Dilshad.

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On the other hand, Dilshad gets emotional as she applies medicine on Asad’s bruises. She tries to make Asad understand that he should forget the past. Shireen questions Rashid about Dilshad, and gets into an argument with him. Rashid explains to his wife  that he went to the hospital to meet his injured son. Rashid calls Asad and tries to talk to him. But Asad disconnects the call in anger and breaks his phone. Dilshad wants her son Asad to get married. Ayaan gets into a fight with his mother, and plans to leave the house forever. Razia tells Shireen to get Asad married. Ayaan gets angry seeing his father Rashid has no time for Ayan and obeys Gaffur’s orders.

What will happen next ? Will Razia get Ayaan married to her daughter Humaira ? Stay tuned to find out. Watch all the episodes of Qubool Hai now, only on ZEE5!

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