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Qismat 2: After The Success Of Its First Installment, Will The 2nd Part Be As Huge As The First One? This Is Why We Believe So? – EXCLUSIVE


October 27, 2021

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Will Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk’s Qismat 2 be as successful as its first installment? We list down a few reasons revealing why it can beat the record of Qismat. If you want to nod in agreement, then read on

To watch or not to watch? We know you have been juggling between these two questions ever since you heard that Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk’s romantic tale Qismat 2 is set to stream on Zee5 from October 29, 2021. The film, which resumes the love story of Shiv played by Ammy and Bani played by Sargun, also stars in Tania, Jaani, Amrit Amby, Hardip Gill, Balwinder Bullet, Rupinder Rupi, Harpreet Bains, Satwant Kaur, and Manpreet Singh Mandi in the pivotal roles. Before making its way to the digital platform, Qismat 2 received love and appreciation from audiences after it was released in theaters in September.

As the film inches closer to its premiere date, we bring you a couple of reasons why Qismat 2 makes for a must-watch film for those who have loved the first installment. Qismat 2 brings back the most-loved love story of Bani and Shiv, who had to part ways due to unavoidable circumstances, and this time we are sure that no one will break these lovebirds. Another reason that makes us eager is its music and the lead actors. Just like part 1, the heartbreaking songs and the leading duo in the 2nd installment have caught everyone’s attention, for obvious reasons, making us wait for the film to stream from Oct 29. Last but not the least, the promos and teaser of Qismat 2 look quite intriguing, leaving us waiting with bated breath. Well, these are our reasons, what are yours?

Earlier speaking about the 2nd installment of Qismat, Sargun had expressed her feelings and said that Qismat 2 has been one of her favourite films. Ever since its theatrical release, the love and appreciation they have received have been great. Further expressing her gratitude, Mehta had said, “It’s truly gratifying to know that the film will now be able to reach a wider audience through ZEE5.” The leading star Ammy Virk, on the other hand, had said that the first chapter of Qismat had received immense love from audiences across the country, following which they decided to give Qismat 2 to the audience as a gift.

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Ammy went on to add that his film Qismat 2 will be available for them to watch anytime and at any place via Zee5. “I truly hope everyone loves watching this film just as they enjoyed it in the theatres,” said Virk. So are you ready for Oct 29 to arrive?

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