Qantas Air Sacks 6,000 Employees As A Cost-Saving Plan To Recover From COVID-19 Losses

Qantas Air cuts 20% jobs, lands 100 aircraft, and also retires its Boeing 747 fleet as a cost-saving plan.

Neel Raju Nalawade

June 25, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed various strata of society. Moreover, it has led to the loss of jobs and a worldwide recession. It was reported that Qantas Air, an Australian airline, will be eliminating at least 6,000 jobs across all parts of the business as part of its recovery plan from the Coronavirus pandemic. This makes up almost 20% of its workforce, and will include a mix of cabin crew members, engineers, pilots, etc. Along with this, the Australian airline will land 100 aeroplanes and retire its Boeing 747 fleet immediately.

This cost-saving plan is expected to save around $15 billion. As we know the aviation industry is one of the worst affected industries in this pandemic, and taking such harsh steps is the only option left with the airline companies. Along with Qantas, many other airlines have also taken this step of cutting jobs to sustain their business. It is also predicted that the aviation industry will bounce back by the year 2023.

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