Putin Celebrates Power-Packed 68th Birthday With New Missile Launch

The 68-year-old Russian President launched and tested the Zircon Missile on his birthday and spoke about enhancing the country’s defence capabilities to become the best in the world

Raghav N

October 8, 2020

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Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated a power packed 68th birthday yesterday with the launch of a hypersonic cruise missile. In a statement to the media, Putin stated that arming the country’s military with the newest weapon systems that have no counterparts will surely ensure its long-term defence capabilities.

As tensions on arms control with the United Sates continue, this new testing may give the Kremlin an upper hand. With the successful launch of the Zircon, Asia’s largest country will beef up its presence and military security at the Arctic.

Despite allegations of poisoning Leader of Opposition Alexei Navalny and the economy downfall due to the pandemic, Putin still rules the nation and its people. The power-hungry politician made constitutional changes to become president for life, which on paper is at least another 16 years, by when he will be well into his 80s. The former KGB spy was named the acting president in 1991 by Boris Yeltsin and has since then, never looked back.

Putin has gained the status of a cult figure over the last two decades and has projected himself as one who can ace anything, be it politics, hunting, karate, car racing or skiing.

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