Pune Woman Accidentally Throws Away Jewellery Bag; Man Finds It In 18 Tons Of Garbage

A woman threw a bag of gold by mistake in the garbage bag. Pune Sweeper Hemant Lakhan found it and returned it back in a safe condition.

Isha Khatu

November 18, 2020

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The latest news of Pune is that a woman had thrown away a bag during Diwali cleaning. The sweeper of the Pune Municipal Corporation, Hemant found the bag and returned it back to her. Take a look at what happened in this incident.

Pune sweeper returns a bag of jewellery

Diwali was celebrated recently and as a ritual, every household in India cleans up their house and discards the unwanted items. One such incident took place in Pimpri, Pune. A woman while cleaning her house, threw away a bag full of jewellery by mistake. By the time she realised this, it was too late as the garbage collected from their area had already been picked up and deposited in the city landfill. She immediately contacted the Municipality corporation filing her request to search for the bag.

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Hemant Lakhan, a sweeper at the Pune Municipal Corporation said that they received a call from the woman. His subordinates informed him that she threw the bag in the garbage van outside her house and they immediately head out to search for the bag of gold. He called her over at the garbage dumping ground and asked her to describe how the bag looked like. After watching almost 18 tons of a garbage hill, she lost all hope of finding her belongings.

However, Hemant asked for her address and the time when the garbage van came in. He gave her hope that he would find the bag as soon as possible. He got his hands dirty and started digging in the dumped garbage along with a few other workers. The woman had returned back home as she thought she would never get it back. A few hours late, she received a call when Hemant had found the bag. She came over again to check all her gold jewellery was in place.

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Hemant said, “We opened the bag in front of her and found a gold pendant of a mangalsutra. She had got it made for her future daughter in law. When she opened and checked that it was safe she broke into tears.” He added that as she shed a few tears, they realised how much she valued the pendant. Hemant Lakhan’s story of honesty has become popular over the internet. A few years ago, he had found another woman’s 100-gram gold in a similar way which he returned.

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