Pune Is The Largest COVID-19 Hotspot In The Country

The city has crossed Delhi and Mumbai to record the highest Coronavirus active cases

Raghav N

September 4, 2020

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Pune has become the largest COVID19 hotspot in the country with the maximum active cases. The city is desperately grappling with the shortage of ventilators, beds and ambulances for its Coronavirus patients, with more than 1.8 lakh cases till now.

The death of a young journalist Pandurang Raikar, fuelled an outrage after he could not be moved from a newly constructed jumbo COVID centre to a super-speciality hospital, due to the unavailability of a cardiac ambulance.

His death was politicised with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) calling it a failure on the part of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). According to the NCP, the BJP governs the Pune civic body. The centre responded to this allegation clarifying that the jumbo hospitals were built with the state government’s participation in the tender process, hence making it the state’s responsibility.

While the political blame-game continues, many infected patients are distressed with their treatment. Necessities like food and wheelchairs to commute to the toilet are scarce. Hospitals are not admitting new patients due to the lack of beds.

Meanwhile Delhi, just behind Pune at 1.79 lakh cases, is also witnessing a deteriorating situation. After recording lesser than 700 cases per day recently, the national capital is back to registering more than 2000 cases a day.

As the lockdown is completely wearing off, experts warn that the situation in the country may worsen.

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