Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Thatha Gifting Lakshmi On Her Birthday Is Proof Of Greater Things To Happen In Future

Thatha who never enjoyed any celebrations finally gave in and gifted Lakshmi a birthday present. This could be the perfect start to many big changes to come.

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April 22, 2021


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Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is off to a great start and the audience has begun to get used to the characters. While some have been adoring Lakshmi’s innocence, many have become a fan of Pavithra’s courageous heart. Either way, the mother & daughter-in-law duo is setting examples of a great relationship we all love watching. Most recently, we saw Pavithra surprise Lakshmi yet again by setting up a birthday party for her. Having not celebrated it in years, Lakshmi teared up in joy. Meanwhile, a stubborn Thatha was moved by the action and decided to join in.

Check out what’s happening in Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal:

Thatha’s entry at the birthday party was unexpected. Lakshmi knows that he hates such celebrations and has thus kept away from most of them. However, his surprise visit amidst her celebration caught her off-guard and made her explain the whole situation. We also saw Pavithra stand up and tell him that it was she who thought of the idea, saving Lakshmi from it. However, Thatha left the scene without saying anything making us all tense.

Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal
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The real surprise came later as Thatha, who was missing for a while, came back bearing a gift for Lakshmi. He had brought Lakshmi a saree and wished her all the happiness. This caught everyone off-guard as Lakshmi broke into tears. Thatha who was against any celebrations of such kind had finally joined in and all the credits go to Pavithra. It goes without saying that the changes happening around the house and its people have all been effects of Pavithra’s positive energy.

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Pavithra is slowly yet steadily raising the happiness quotient of the house by engaging in such activities and talks. She knows what interests these people and she acts accordingly. Her happy nature is taking its toll on Lakshmi and Thatha and it shows. While the old man’s change was surprising, we can say for sure that it is the first of many. Soon, he would understand the positives of leading a happy life for others and the day isn’t long away when he would happily accept people into their lives.

Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal
Source: ZEE5

Before Pavithra, there was absolutely no chance that neither Lakshmi nor Thatha would even think of adding a new person into their lives. But now, it seems like they are changing for the better and Harikrishnan’s introduction into their lives is proof of the same. Now that Thatha finally accepts the fact that Lakshmi deserves the happiness she is enjoying now, there are only positives to come their way.

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