PubGoa Review: This Sci-Fi Thriller By Vimala Raman Shouldn’t Be Missed At Any Cost!

With PubGoa, ZEE5 released one of the best sci-fi crime thrillers. Read the review to know what all the series offers you.

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November 30, 2020

Original Series

3 min


PubGoa is a Sci-Fi crime thriller set in Goa that dwells on the drug culture of the state but is not limited to just that. The series also touches upon various subjects like augmented reality, drugs, terrorism and the perception of the minority that is not made very obvious, and present in the subtleties of how they are treated. The story unfolds, following a bunch of murders committed during a rave party on the Uddo beach which is located in Siolim, the northern part of Goa.

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Adhira, who has just dealt with intense trauma, is made the primary police officer for the case and shoots the suspected killer, Faisal. However, as the story moves forward, the chances of Faisal being the killer keep getting slimmer. While all of this is eating Adhira up on one side, another witness Varun, who can drive the case ahead, suffers from a post-traumatic memory loss that leaves him incompetent to testify for the case and give any statements. He is admitted to the hospital and only keeps mentioning Maya, his video game project whenever he is awake. This project of Varun is based on the idea of bringing the reality of this world into video games. However, there seems to be more than what meets the eyes when it comes to Maya’s existence.

All of this makes PubGoa a genuine and interesting watch to binge over. The story keeps you engaged throughout and all credits for this are due to the show’s creator and director Laxmi Narayana. Even though it seems impossible to juggle between various subjects and still stay true to the plot, Laxmi Narayana does it effortlessly and nails it. The writing of the story is flawless and no scene of the show is redundant or stretched and this is supported by the editing skills of Ignatius Aswin. If the treatment of the characters wasn’t enough to get you to feel what the characters are feeling, Santhan Anebajagane’s music brings all emotions alive while watching the series. Sarath Kumar’s sound designing skills and Harish’s sound mixing together the movie the elevation that it needs.

Vimala Raman as Adhira, a police officer with a dark past lives the role while making us believe that it is the story of her life. Dev as Varun proves to us that he is extremely skilled and is full of potential while Ayraa as Kavya seems to be a perfect choice as we cannot imagine anyone else play the role of Kavya.

From the casting by Giri Dwarkish to the direction by Laxmi Narayana, PubGoa gets everything right. Catch the show only on ZEE5!


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