PubGoa Is The Much Awaited Virtual Reality Series We Need, Watch Trailer

What happens when reality shakes hands with virtually? Watch the trailer for PUBGOA to find out.

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November 19, 2020

Original Series

3 min


Earlier this September, to strengthen the nation’s economy and show a strong stance against China, our Prime Minister had banned a list of Chinese apps. One of these apps was the much loved and sought after video game, PUBG. Reminiscent of the same game, director Laxmi Narayana takes us on a journey to a world where PUBG is a reality.

Watch the trailer for PubGoa right here!

PubGoa is a ZEE5 Original Tamil Sci-Fi crime drama series starring the Ranga The Donga actress Vimala Raman, alongside Dev, Sampath Ram, and Sarah Anaiah. It is set in Goa, which is a one-stop destination for an ideal new year. With fests and parties all around the city, a plethora of illegal activities is bound to happen. Whether one decides to be a part of it or not, it is a reality in these times. A new year’s rave party in Goa turns deadly for a bunch of video game developers after a shootout. However, when cop Aadhira decides to kill the shooters, she realises there’s more than meets the eye.

Sci-Fi in itself is a genre that hasn’t been explored to its potential in India and when it comes to thrillers like this that explore the world of augmented reality. PUBGOA is a much-awaited thriller series that the viewers have their eyes on while the cast puts on a stellar performance.  Hopefully, with PUBGOA, India starts venturing into this unique genre of augmented reality.  The series will certainly provide an unexplored perspective on life through the characters and the strange circumstances that they face.

The trailer talks about how life is a game and we are all but players. If life were to be looked at and treated like a video game is what the series tries to explore. A lot meets the eye and there is much more that doesn’t with the trailer.

Directed by Laxmi Narayanan, the series premieres on November 27, 2020, wherein all the premium users of the platform will have exclusive access to the Sci-Fi thriller.

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