Protesting Farmers Displeased With Supreme Court Involvement

Ahead of a hearing in the Supreme Court on the unresolvable farmer protests today, the farm union leaders said that the centre is trying to bail itself out by involving the judiciary in a political matter

Raghav N

January 11, 2021

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As crucial pleas on the the ongoing war on the agricultural protests will be heard in the Supreme Court today, the protesting farmers are anything but happy with the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled central government for involving the judiciary in the matter. According to farm union leaders who met in Delhi yesterday, the federal government is trying to save itself by taking the matter to the apex court. They further said that the bills against which the movement has been on for the last 45 days were formulated by the BJP and hence, concerns around it should be resolved by the saffron party too. Citing that the revolution is triggered by political dissent, the demonstrators reasoned that the judicial body has no role to play in this.

Earlier too, a bench of judges had observed that the Narendra Modi government was unable to reach any consensus on the rebellion despite multiple rounds of talks with the union representatives. While the central cabinet did present some amendments to the agriculturists, the latter have been firm on their demand to revoke the laws.

Meanwhile, a decision to intensify the agitation further was taken in yesterday’s meeting at the Singhu border. According to the campaigners, BJP ministers from Punjab will face a gherao by the protesters and demonstrations against them will be initiated. Further, with the Lohri celebrations coming up on 13 January, copies of the three reforms will be thrown into the fire as a symbolic step to do away with everything negative.

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