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‘Protect Jungkook’ trends As Singer Gets Accused Of Backdoor Advertising from BTS


September 30, 2021

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The South Korean boy band BTS member Jungkook is receiving immense support after being accused of practising backdoor advertising. Hashtag ProtectJungkook is the most used in all of Asia today because of this controversy.

After the recent success of BTS’ collaboration with the band Coldplay on their latest track My Universe, the South Korean boy-band once again takes over the internet with the recent allegations.

What is the accusation about?

The accusations against the singer came up after Jungkook resigned from the post of the president in his brother’s company. As per a report (Korean outlet Biz Hankook), the singer was also the internal director of his brother Jeon Jung-Hyun’s brand. The Jeon Jung brand was made in May 2021, the BTS singer resigned from his post in September.

Apparently the singer had taken to his social media to post a picture of him wearing a purple sweatshirt from the company which caused an insane increase in the level of sales of that particular purple sweatshirt of his brother’s brand.

BTS always manages to stay relevant, whether via a new collaboration with one of the most liked bands Coldplay or through an advertising controversy. Not to forget They also delivered a powerful performance at the Global Citizen Live concert just last week. BTS has the largest fan base of Asian boy-band ever. Jungkook alone has a net worth of $200 million. There are estimated 40.8 online members of the BTS Army making it the largest fan base any Asian entertainer has ever had.

BTS fans also known as BTS ARMY are flooding several blogging websites in support of the youngest member of the band Jungkook as he gets accused of indulging in backdoor advertising.

As a consequence, there was a creation of an online campaign to save the singer from being falsely accused.

Fans’ opinion (via twitter)

Role of his dedicated fan-base

Since the accusations starting appearing online, many loyal fans of the young singer were prompt to defend him. At light speed, BTS ARMY started trending the hashtag ‘Protect Jungkook’ on Twitter in support of him. Some fans argued over why the accusations are false while many were adamant that the singer was at no fault.

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A supporter wrote, ”wait but Jungkook didn’t say anything about the brand of what he’s wearing, he just wore his brother’s clothes there is no proof of false advertisement. I mean,really, you just hating big time now #ProtectJungkook”

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