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Prosenjit, Subhashree: Check Out 8 Favourite Stars Who Celebrated Rath Yatra At Home


June 24, 2020

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We got you some of the biggest Tollywood celebrities who enjoyed this glorious occasion right from their homes this year. Details inside!

Rath Yatra is the annual chariot festival that is celebrated across West Bengal, Orissa, and other states in eastern India. A public procession is taken out with the Hindu deities Jagannath, Balaram, and Subhadra, and thousands of people flock to be a part of it and take turns to tug at the the ropes of the chariot to move it forward. It is a joyous occasion which is celebrated with much gusto and fanfare. However, as this year has brought a pandemic with it, Rath Yatra has been a muted affair with most of us staying at home and rejoicing with our families. Here are our favourite Tollywood stars including actors Prosenjit and Subhashree Ganguly, who have made it a point to do just that!

Meanwhile, watch the promo for Prosenjit’s new film Nirontor, which will release on 28 June:


Superstar Prosenjit, who has acted in loads of superhit films like Drishtikone and Praktan, wished all of us a Shubh Rath Yatra, and sent lots of happiness, peace and fortune our way!

Subhashree Ganguly and Raj Chakraborty:

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#jaijagannath 🙏

A post shared by Raj Chakraborty (@rajchoco) on

Parineeta director Raj Chakraborty and his wife, actor Subhashree Ganguly who also starred in the film, celebrated Rath Yatra with a lovely puja ceremony at their plush apartment. Check it out right here!

Priyanka Sarkar:

Priyanka Sarkar, the gorgeous actor from the ZEE5 Original movie Filter Coffee Liquor Cha, shared pictures from the Jagannath puja at her home, that has been a tradition since she was little! Look at the photo of her as a toddler! Isn’t that just so cute?

Parambrata Chattopadhyay:

Parambrata Chattopadhyay, the talented actor who played the iconic Detective Byomkesh Bakshi in Satyanweshi Byomkesh, posted this bright and happy illustration to wish us all a Shubh Rath Yatra. This definitely cheered us up instantly!

Sayantika Banerjee:

Abhimaan star Sayantika Banerjee also held a puja at home and wished us. Just look at this amazing miniature idol of Jagannath! Who says we need to be out in a bustling crowd for Rath Yatra when we can enjoy this day at home too?

Monami Ghosh:

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মন্ত্রী বললে, “তবে তোর উপায়? তোর ভাগ্যে কি রথযাত্রা দেখা ঘটবে না।” সে বললে, “ঘটবে বৈকি। ঠাকুর তো রথে করেই আমার দুয়ারে আসেন।” মন্ত্রী হেসে উঠল। বললে, “তোর দুয়ারে রথের চিহ্ন কই।” দুঃখী বললে, “তাঁর রথের চিহ্ন পড়ে না।” মন্ত্রী বললে, “কেন বল্‌ তো।” দুঃখী বললে, “তিনি যে আসেন পুষ্পকরথে।” মন্ত্রী বললে, “কই রে সেই রথ।” দুঃখী দেখিয়ে দিলে, তার দুয়ারের দুই পাশে দুটি সূর্যমুখী ফুটে আছে।…

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Monami Ghosh, the popular Bengali actor who played the character of Zeenat in the old favourite TV serial Ek Akasher Niche, echoed the above sentiment. Gods and goddesses come to our door when we carry them in our hearts! Monami is certainly glowing with happiness on Rath Yatra.

Promita Chakrabartty:

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#JAYJAGANNATH..🙏 #HappyRathyatra..🙏

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Promita Chakrabartty, the beautiful actor who plays the role of Parul in the Bangla serial Saat Bhai Champa, wished us a happy Rath Yatra and compared the occasion with two photos from the day — one which has the usual thronging crowd at the chariot from previous years, and the other, with the holy trio in her own home this year!

Which of these stars’ Rath Yatra celebrations did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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