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Promise Day: Abhi-Pragya, Sameera-Veer And Other Couples Who Failed To Keep Their Promises Made To Each Other

Vatsal Thakore

February 10, 2021

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Recalling Tanie-Sumer, Veer-Sameera, and other characters who could not keep their promises. Read here to know about them.

Now that Valentine’s week has begun, we can’t help but keep thinking about the amazing love stories we have witnessed on the small screens. From the most romantic moments between our favourite characters to the new shows coming on ZEE5, we have it all memorised for our Valentine’s week. The fifth day of the week i.e 11 February is Promise Day. So today, let us recall five times when some of our favourite lead characters broke their promises, for better or worse.


Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Source: ZEE5

Never Kiss Your Best Friend is a series about a love story that blooms between two friends. In the show, the lead characters, Tanie (Anya Sharma) and Sumer (Nakuul Mehta) promised each other that they will always remain friends. However, that promise soon gets broken when they end up kissing each other.


Broken But Beautiful 2

Source: ZEE5

Starring Harleen Sethi and Vikrant Massey as Sameera and Veer, Broken But Beautiful 2 is a continuation of their love story after the first season. Sameera and Veer had gotten separated and begun seeing other people and had promised that they would not see each other again. Their promise broke when Sameera could not handle the separation and ran away from her wedding to be with Veer.


Kumkum Bhagya

Source: ZEE5

Much like Sameera and Veer, Pragya and Abhi from Kumkum Bhagya had also promised one another that they will stay away from each other. Theirs is a love story that has passed multiple tests of time and situation but there came a point when they decided for themselves to never meet again. However, true love triumphed and they broke their promises for good, eventually getting married again.

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Source: ZEE5

In this period drama about politics and revenge, there was a love story blooming that the kingdom could not accept. The love story was between Kala, a handmaiden, and the prince of Paurashpur, Ranveer. When Queen Meerawati finds out that her son is in love with her handmaiden, she can not accept it and tricks her into marrying the king. Upset and broken, Kala meets Ranveer and he promises her that their love will never end, no matter what trickery or false relations get in their way. However, the promise is broken for worse, when in the end Kala is upset with Ranveer that he never tried to rescue her. Ranveer fails to rescue Kala, which eventually breaks up their love, relationship, and hence, Ranveer’s promise.

Nail Polish

Source: ZEE5

In Nail Polish, after Veer Singh gets mentally transformed into Charu Raina, a psychiatrist hypnotises him to know who Charu is. We hear Charu’s story that when she was in Kashmir, stuck in a failed marriage, Veer had come to her as a ray of hope. They had both fallen for each other and Charu was seriously in love with Veer. Veer had then promised Charu that he would take her away with him, which was also incident in the song that plays at the moment, “Le chal mujhe, door tu kahin.” However, Veer breaks the promise, as he was only faking the love for the sake of his duty. To make it worse, he also kills Charu after revealing his lies.

Comedy Couple

Comedy Couple on ZEE5
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Comedy Couple is a lovely story about a couple, Deep (Saqib Salim) and Zoya (Sweta Basu Prasad), who made a career by doing stand-up comedy together. Besides being stand-up partners, they are also a romantic couple in a live-in relationship. Deep has a habit of lying and Zoya realises that he has also lied to his parents about their relationship and never mentioned Zoya. Upset by this, Zoya breaks up their relationship and realizing his mistake, Deep promises to stop lying and also to tell her the complete truth to his parents and make things alright. However, Deep fails to make it on time He, in fact, messes things up even further in the relationship, hence breaking the promise. However, things later workout and their relationship is saved.

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain (Season 2)

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is a saga of marriage, love and affairs that revolves around three people, Rohit (Ronit Roy), Ananya (Mona Singh), and Poonam (Gurdeep Kohli). In the second season, after Rohit decides to convince Ananya to patch up, he makes a big promise to her. He promises her that she will be his first priority, topping even his ex-wife and children. Ananya agrees to patch up after this promise. However, gradually in the season, we see that Rohit fails to keep his promise. He can’t place his children’s problems after Ananya and also chooses to share his issues with his ex-wife Poonam, rather than Ananya. This broken promise once again creates big differences between Ananya and Rohit.

Catch Never Kiss Your Best Friend, Broken But Beautiful 2, Kumkum Bhagya, Paurashpur, and Nail Polish on ZEE5.

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