Pro-Joe Biden Campaign Launched In His Irish Ancestral Hometown

The ‘Irish for Biden’ campaign was launched in Ballina in Ireland by Biden’s distant relatives, who installed a life-size mural of the US presidential candidate

Raghav N

October 13, 2020

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As the United States presidential elections enters its first phase, Ireland is running a special campaign to support and promote Democrat candidate Joe Biden. Created by Irish local artists, the mural is depicted to honour those who originated from this nation and went on to establish themselves nationally and globally.

The ‘Irish for Biden’ initiative was started by the former US vice-president’s distant relatives in the British Isles. A giant mural of Biden has been installed in his ancestral town of Ballina. He had visited the country twice in the past, once as vice-president during former US President Barack Obama’s tenure.

Three generations back, the 78-year-old presidential aspirant’s forefather left Ireland in 1851 for a better life in New York City. America has played peacemaker for the island country in the past too, when tensions in Northern Ireland had led to close to 3500 deaths till 1998. The population supporting Biden considers the US polls a matter of geo-political importance. Those rooting for him are banking on him to protect the Irish interests internationally, especially with the Brexit talks still underway.

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