Priyanka Chopra Gets Slammed For The Activist; Reality Show Makes Headlines For All The Infamous Reasons

Priyanka Chopra’s show The Activist is being brutally trolled by netizens claiming expensive judges are undermining the purpose of the show



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CBS’ new reality competition is making heads turn but in a completely wrong way. Ever since the network announced its new series The Activist, which will be hosted by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, singer Usher and Julianne Hough there has been a lot of noise on social media about it. Unfortunately, hardly any are positive.

For those who want to know what The Activist is all about, the Global Citizen-produced five-week reality series is scheduled to premiere shortly and will see six activists teamed with one of three high-profile public figures as they work together to “bring meaningful change to one of three vitally important world causes: health, education, and environment.” The success of their efforts will be measured using host input, social metrics, and online engagement.

The crux of the show as stated by CBS executive, Jack Sussman is to combine philanthropy and entertainment, he said “We’re thrilled to have Usher, Priyanka, and Julianne as part of the series, guiding our CBS audience through the journeys of passionate changemakers from around the world.”

While all associated with the show were hoping to make a positive change through it, the netizens have been thoroughly confused by it. To convert an act of altruism into a competition is something that no one seems to be understanding. Someone wrote, “Call me crazy but if I had vast wealth and supposedly cared about causing societal good, I would simply use that vast wealth to fund the implementation of societal good rather than doing this nonsense cosplaying” another said, “’Combining philanthropy and entertainment, The Activist is a ground-breaking series poised to inspire viewers’ is a sentence my mind reels trying to understand.”

While the show’s heart is probably in the right place, and a lot of good can come from highlighting the work of some lesser-known people doing hard work for worthy causes, it’s easy to see why the online reaction has unfolded the way that is has.

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