Prince Harry’s New Boss Talks About His Work Dedication And What He’s Up To These Days

Prince Harry’s new boss Alexi Robichaux talked about his work profile, his approach and how he is extremely dedicated to what he is doing right now.

Aditi Sharma

March 26, 2021

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have quit their Royal status for a long time now. Now, Prince Harry has finally started living a normal life with a job in his hand. Recently, Prince Harry’s new boss Alexi Robichaux talked about his work approach and dedication after leaving his Royal status. Alexi mentioned that he tried to be treated normally and he is quite dedicated to his work.

Alexi Robichaux said that currently, Prince Harry is working for their global campaign to raise awareness around mental health. He also mentioned that Prince Harry is helping them with everything from product design, marketing, and partnerships. BetterUp, which provides app-based employee coaching and mental health assistance made a  statement that Harry was appointed as the company’s first chief impact officer.

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Talking about how Robichaux met Prince Harry and how this role was given to him, Robichaux said the role is a result of months of conversations he and Harry had after they were introduced by a mutual friend who rightly thought the two thought alike.

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He added, “There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm on both sides around this mission of how could we use technology, how could we use science, how could we use human experts to help people go through a personal growth and transformation journey”. Robichaux also gave an insight saying, In the workplace, he likes to be called Harry. He’s a colleague, he’s a partner, and so we address him as Harry”.

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