President Donald Trump Suggests Postponing Presidential Elections

Trump states that mail-in voting is susceptible to interference and is also inaccurate & fraudulent

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 31, 2020

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Recently, US President Donald Trump suggested that the Presidential elections which are scheduled for  November should be postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation. He further added that mail-in voting can be susceptible to interference and also increases the chance of inaccuracy & frauds. However, it’s the Congress which holds the complete right to schedule election dates, as mandated in Article 2 of the US Constitution, and not the president of the country.

After his suggestions received severe backlashes, Trump walked back on his claims saying that he did not want to postpone the elections, but remained concerned about the results coming out in time as he does not want to wait for two to three months for the results. Trump even claimed that mail-in voting has proved catastrophic and disastrous in the past. However, his claims were backed by little or no evidence.

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