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Prema Entha Madhuram: With Subbu coming to know that Anu works for Arya, what might change?

Bhavna Gandikota

March 9, 2021

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As Prema Entha Madhuram’s Subbu finds out Anu and Arya working together, here’s what we think might happen next!

Prema Entha Madhuram stars Varsha HK as Anu and Sriram Venkat as Arya and is entering interesting crossroads as Arya and Anu might get caught by Subbu. While Subbu is an extremely supportive father, we are sure that it won’t go down well with Subbu once he finds out that his daughter lied to him.

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Subbu might be heartbroken because of the fact that his own daughter lied to him, despite him being so supportive of her, and shielding her against the world. However, we are sure that he will listen to what she has to say about the whole scenario. He will not sabotage her career but he might not trust Anu like he used to, ever again!

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Anu and Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram
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He will want Anu to get married sooner as he wants her to settle down. While Subbu still thinks of Arya as Anu’s boss, he might soon suspect that the reason for her lies is that they have feelings for each other. We wonder how it will go down with him, given that he wants Anu to marry someone close to her age!

He might be worried for Arya since the reason that he doesn’t want Anu working for Arya is that she always lands him in trouble. He was only looking to keep both of them safe because he deeply cares about both of them.

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However, there is also a possibility that Subbu might understand that they are destined to work together. No matter where Anu goes, Arya ends up finding a way to be with her. He might understand that they are meant to be with each other because of how happy they are with each other! After all, he really likes Arya!

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