Prema Entha Madhuram: We really think it’s not fair of Arya to leave for London, here’s why

As Arya from Prema Entha Madhuram prepares to leave for London, there are quite a few reasons why it isn’t fair towards him. Read more to find out!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 19, 2021



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While Arya from Prema Entha Madhuram offers to leave for London for the sake of Anu’s safety and career, there are many reasons why that simply isn’t fair. The fact that he made the company what it is today is admirable and we’re sure that no one else can replace him as the head of the company. Arya rose from dire situations and built the Vardhan group of companies but was never arrogant about it.

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Naturally, he has become attached to the company and the people that work for him and help him make it bigger. Apart from this, his whole family stays in India while he would have to live in London. He loves his mother and just cannot do without her. Although he is doing it all for Anu, we do not think that he should have to stay away from her too, since he loves her so dearly.

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Arya is a constant source of inspiration for the people around him and he shouldn’t have to leave his whole life behind for someone’s future, even if it is Anu. Besides, we also think that he is the best match for her and she cannot do without him too. From Jende to his mother, he loves his friends and family way too much. With his whole life here, we really don’t think that he should even think of moving to London since it will only break his heart.

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