Prema Entha Madhuram: Targeting Anu will eventually call for Jalandhar’s end; here’s why!

From saving Anu of Prema Entha Madhuram every single time to beating Jalandhar in everything, Arya has always been the winner. Will he punish Jalandhar for kidnapping Anu?

Bhavna Gandikota

January 31, 2021



3 min


Ever since our introduction to Jalandhar from Prema Entha Madhuram, we have known that he is one of the deadliest people you will encounter in your lives. His only mission for life at this point is to kill Arya, and he does everything possible to fulfill his purpose. Arya decided to lay low since he didn’t want to harm anyone or wager a fight with him.

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Everyone knows how protective Arya is, of Anu. Right from helping her to call off the wedding that would do no good to her to making sure she was safe in every situation, he has done it all. Needless to say, it is his unconditional love towards Anu that has led him to protect Anu fiercely. No prizes for guessing that he wouldn’t spare Jalandhar for kidnapping Anu.

Up until now, Arya did not have a good enough reason to target him. However, this never meant that he was weak and helpless. Take, for instance, the time when Arya fearlessly went to meet Anu even when Jalandhar was lurking over his life. Jalandhar’s man was following him with an intention of shooting him. We know for a fact that we cannot mistake his silence for his weakness, because he has always been triumphant against Jalandhar and that too almost effortlessly.

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Apart from this, he also found out that Neel was working for Jalandhar, without putting in too much effort. Time and again, he has won against Jalandhar. With Anu getting kidnapped, this becomes a strong reason for him to go after Jalandhar. Given that he goes beyond the moon for Anu’s safety, we know that he will do the same this time, and owing to his track record, we also know that Arya will win over Jalandhar any day.

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