Prema Entha Madhuram: Here’s why we think Anu should give Arya another chance

Prema Entha Madhuram’s Anu thinks Arya only wants to push her away and avoids him, but here’s why we think she should forgive him.

Bhavna Gandikota

February 26, 2021



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Prema Entha Madhuram starring Varsha HK as Anu and Sriram Venkat as Arya is going through a phase where the duo is a victim of grave misunderstandings that are keeping them apart. While Arya seems to have a hard time without Anu, she is also not doing too well without him. As Arya enters Anu’s workplace, unaware that she is an employee there, they might be meeting once again after a long time.

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While Anu is angry with Arya because she thinks that he only wants to push her away, we think that she should reconsider this thought, since he always went beyond limits for her. Take for example the time when he stopped her wedding because she wasn’t happy. He certainly wouldn’t stop a wedding if he did not have feelings for her.

Another example to prove that he was always supportive of her and liked her was when Anu was taking her exams. There are hardly any workplaces that would grant leaves for exams, but Arya would even drop her at times, making sure that she is safe. He even came over to her place at night to help her with her studies.

Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

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Anyway, when Ramya had planned for Arya and Anu to meet, she never let Arya speak and walked off before he could justify himself. If she would hear him out, then she would know that he was always in love with her and never wanted to let her go. We genuinely hope that Anu gives him a chance to explain himself and stops jumping to conclusions because it only keeps them apart.

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