Prema Entha Madhuram: Arya is opening up to Anu, and we are glad!

Prema Entha Madhuram’s Arya and Anu are finally talking and here’s why we are glad!

Bhavna Gandikota

May 2, 2021



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Prema Entha Madhuram stars Varsha HK as Anu and Sriram Venkat as Arya who were not seeing eye to eye for a long time because Arya was angry with Anu. Arya had gifted a special Devanandini saree to Anu but she had given it to Meera which made him upset. Moreover, Arya felt like Anu wearing a dress was a wrong decision because she was supposed to be the face of a saree line.

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He wasn’t ready to talk to her but he finally spoke up and we’re glad. One major reason why it makes us happy is that he will finally be able to open up about all his feelings and not have them bottled up. Even though he is angry with Anu, he is at least telling her how he feels and breaking his silence. Keeping mum has never done anyone good and will only create more misunderstandings for Arya and Anu.

Anu and Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram
Source: ZEE5

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Moreover, talking to Anu might reveal to him that, Meera was the reason why she didn’t wear the saree. He will know that Anu is not to be blamed and that she only has the best interests of the brand in her mind. It was very strange of him to jump to the conclusion that Anu is to be blamed, even after seeing that Meera was wearing the saree.

He might also realise that he was wrong because he thought he could control what Anu wears. This might teach him that Anu has the freedom to make her own decisions in life, and wear what she wants.

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