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Prema Entha Madhuram: Anu or Meera, who will Arya introduce as his future wife?

Bhavna Gandikota

April 20, 2021

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As Prema Entha Madhuram’s Arya stands between Anu and Meera, we are eager to see who he chooses as his life partner!

Prema Entha Madhuram starring  Varsha HK as Anu and Sriram Venkat as Arya is finally nearing one of the most important moments when Arya will introduce his future wife to his mother. As Anu and Meera both stand beside him, would he surprise us with his choice by choosing Meera or would he understand the connection he has with Anu, and bring it in front of everybody?

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Meera and Arya

We would be wrong if we thought that he has no reason to introduce Meera as his future wife. On one hand, he does not have feelings for her, and on the other hand, Sharada likes her. Once he considers that his mother will also have to live with his decision for the rest of her life, he might give Meera a thought.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he chose Meera because his mother already knows her. Meera is also wearing a saree that his mother likes, and we see why he might be leaning towards choosing Meera. He might think that his mother would not have to try hard to get to know her or adjust a lot with her.

Arya and Meera in Prema Entha Madhuram
Source: ZEE5

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Anu and Arya

Meanwhile, Anu is the one he has feelings for, and he would love to tell his mother that she is the one. He has been waiting for this day, ever since he started planning the party. Do you think that because Anu is not wearing a saree, he might think twice before declaring his love for her?

While Meera might have a few advantages, we all know that Anu and Arya have a connection beyond any explanation. Apart from this, we are sure that Arya has very little reason to not introduce Anu to his mother, as his future wife. We are sure that Anu not wearing the Rajanandini saree will not be the reason he stops liking her.

Anu and Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram
Source: ZEE5

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